CPR Certification & Immunizations Tips

by John Thill, Area Representative, UFC Western Region*

I have heard from RFC’s and foster parents that relicensing is harder due to the vaccination and CPR training requirements recently added.   Let me help make this simple for you . . .

CPR Certification

JUST SO YOU KNOW ONLINE CERTIFICATION COURSES ARE ACCEPTABLE and you can take a totally free course at the following website:  http://www.firstaidforfree.com.

If you use this site, please take the “basic fist aid” AND “Basic CPR” courses.  They are separate courses and you will need each one to get licensed.  Once you are done with your training and you download your certificates, send a copy to your licensor (OUR NEW FAMILIES ARE CHOOSING TO USE THIS SITE AND GETTING LICENSED WITHOUT DELAY).  Check it out; you will be glad you did.  If you don’t like this site, choose another and pay a small amount if that will make you feel better.

Proof of Immunizations Requirements

Each person living in the home will need to verify current immunizations.  The Office of Licensing (OL) requires the following vaccinations for adults: Tdap, MMR. Hep A, Hep B, and Varicella (if you have had chicken pox you will not need this one, just let your licensor know you have already had chicken pox).  If you cannot find the verification forms for all members (kids are easy, the adults tend to have a hard time finding them) or if you simply choose to not be vaccinated, don’t worry, you have options.

The options available to you and your family are as follows:

  1.  Your doctor can do a blood test to check for some of them but you may have to get others redone.  They can either check the box on the application form that says you are compliant OR they can submit a letter from your doctor’s office stating the same.
  2.  You could also choose to simply get all of the required vaccinations redone and then submit the current shot record or verification letter reflecting the re-administration of the required vaccinations as noted above.
  3. The final option is to not get re-vaccinated or provide proof of the vaccinations- however, doing so will limit you from taking un-immunized children AND babies under 2 months old until OL gets documentation.

CPR and Vaccinations are just that simpole . . . don’t believe me?  Contact your licensor today and let them tell you how easy this really is!

*This information originally appeared in the February & March 2017 Foster Roster and has been reprinted with permission.


One thought on “CPR Certification & Immunizations Tips

  1. I like that you provided some of the basic paperwork or immunization requirements that will serve as proof that you have already been vaccinated. It’s really hard to keep track of them especially if you don’t have a copy of the document or paperwork. Good thing there is an option for the doctor to do a blood check to see if you’ve already taken it before. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt if you get re-vaccinated again. I’ll definitely keep this in mind and make sure to provide the necessary requirements in the future. Thanks.


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