Immunizations Requirements Update

As mentioned in this post, New Immunization Requirements for Foster Families, effective October 23, 2015, the Office of Licensing is requiring all foster care providers and members of their households to show verification of immunizations to their licensor.

The Office of Licensing is accepting a variety of Immunization Records.  If you find any paper with records of immunizations send it to your licensor- it most likely will be accepted!

If your child attends public school and is up to date on their vaccinations, their school will most likely have a copy of their immunizations as well.

If you need to get re-immunized, the Office of Licensing will accept the first doses and can place with you after those have been received.  Remember, you must follow up with the rest of the immunizations schedule.  Your licensor will be checking this at renewal.

Here is the exact list of the Immunizations needed For ADULTS living in a foster home:


For Children, the above graph applies and pretty much covers kids through when they start school.  In addition to the requirements in the graph, children need the following additional immunizations by the time they enter the 7th grade:

1 Tdap

3rd Hepatitis B

2nd Varicella (chickenpox-history of disease is acceptable, parent must sign verification statement)

1 Meningococcal

If you have any additional questions or concerns about immunization verification please contact your licensor or Diane Moore with the Office of Licensing at


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