Introducing FAPAC

Foster Families of Utah is pleased to announce the creation of FAPAC which stands for Foster Adoptive Parent Advocacy Council.  FAPAC groups are parent led councils created to give licensed foster, adoptive, and kinship families in the state of Utah a way to work together and with community partners and make positive changes in the foster care system.

To date, we have FAPAC groups organized in two regions: Northern Region and the Salt Lake Region.  Foster Families of Utah is eager for more parents from across the state to get involved in these groups so that we can eventually have Councils in every region.


If you are interested in attending a FAPAC in the Northern or Salt Lake Region or if you are interested in helping FAPAC get up and running in the Western, Eastern, or Southeast Regions please contact Foster Families of Utah’s Executive Director, Ruth Ann Shaw at 385-227-5962 or email  We need your voices!


TAL Resources

Most foster parents are familiar with the acronym GAL, but there’s another similar-sounding acronym which can be helpful to know:  TAL.  What is TAL?  TAL stands for Transition to Adult Living, and as the name implies, TAL resources are available for foster children ages 14 and over to help them make the transition to adult living. 

Did you know that each region has its own TAL Coordinator who can help parents find resources to help youth in their care more easily make the transition to adulthood?

One region’s TAL Coordinator recently explained in a Cluster Facebook Post:

“TAL resources can be used by young adults age 14 and above who are currently in foster care placements. Young adults who have been adopted however, may still qualify for after care support. Any individual who was in care for 12 months passed their 14th birthday and was adopted or adopted at any time after their 16th birthday regardless of their time in care is eligible for these services up until their 21st birthday.

TAL resources are designed to provide financial assistance with Education and Career Exploration, Physical and Emotional Health, Transportation, and Housing. Examples include:
-First month’s rent and deposit
-Purchasing and maintain a vehicle
-Emergency funds for bills
-Driver’s education and licensing
-Higher education funding and scholarships”

To find the TAL Coordinator in your region, contact your nearest DCFS office.  Adoption Specialists in each region can also refer families to a TAL Coordinator.

Another helpful resource for youth in custody or youth who have been adopted from foster care is the Just for Youth Utah website, found at


2017 Conference Registration Open!

Registration is now open for the Foster Learning Conference co-sponsored by DCFS and Foster Families of Utah. September 20, 2017.


Just like last year, it will be at the Provo Marriott and you can kick out all of your annual required training if you and your spouse come for the whole day. Discount pricing for couples!

We can’t wait to see you there!

Click below to register:



Respite Adoption Camp Pilot Program

Foster families who have adopted in the Northern Region will benefit from a new respite program sponsored by the Family Support Center of Ogden.

Camp OWL (“Owlets We Love”) is a Weekend Respite Camp for children who have been adopted from foster care.  “Camp” will provide fun activities, food and interactive learning opportunities by staff who are trained in behavioral and trauma specific behaviors.


Camp OWL is open to ages 0-17 with activities for all ages.  During the time children are at The Family Support Center they will be provided with healthy meals and snacks, fun activities, learning opportunities, and an environment that promotes healthy relationships, friendships and resourcefulness.  While kids are at camp, it will provide the family an opportunity to take a respite break and recharge.

Families are encouraged to take advantage of the entire weekend in order to get a break and allow their child to participate in all the activities. There will be a short and fun awards ceremony at the commencement of the weekend for families to join in celebrating their child!


Camp OWL Staff Members:

Camp Staff

If you live in Northern Region and are interested in having your child attend Camp OWL, please read the information under “CAMP OWL INFO” below.

If you are interested in finding respite care or other free services and resources provided by a Family Support Center in your area, please click on the following link:  In addition to providing post-adopt respite care and crisis nurseries, Family Support Centers across the state offer parenting courses, social skills classes for children, and may operate lending libraries and therapeutic services.


Step 1: Email or call Katy at 801-393-3113 or to register.
Step 2: Contact your post adopt worker to ensure you have funding to pay for camp. The cost is $165 per weekend per child.
Step 3: Once it’s approved through post adopt, Katy will send registration forms via email to be filled out and returned 7 days prior to camp start date.

Some info:
· Ages 0-17.
· This particular pilot program is currently only open to the Northern Region at this time and is for children adopted through foster care.
· Check in will be on Friday afternoon between 4-5:00. Parents will pick up their campers on Sunday at 1:30 and stay for a short closing ceremony.
· Scheduling will be done directly with Katy to ensure that she has information regarding kids, behaviors, special needs/requests and to staff appropriately.
· All registration information will be filled and sent to Katy before the children arrive at camp.
· Cost: $165 for the entire weekend. Please contact your post adopt worker for grant funding. They will pay the Family Support Center directly so there is no out of pocket expense for the family.
· Campers will be on a merit based program and will earn rewards to show to their family upon pick up. (Based on 5 Protective Factors). Families are encouraged to stay and participate in closing ceremony.
· Parents are responsible for any damage caused by the camper.
· Camp is not intended to be a punishment, but to support families in self-care and planned respite time. We encourage parents to view this as a positive experience and not as a threat for poor behavior.

This is a year round weekend program with the following dates open for registration:
July 28-30, Aug 4-6, Aug 18-20, Sept 1-3, Sept 15-17, Oct 6-8, Oct 20-22, Nov 17-19, Dec 1-3, Dec 15-17

Northern Region post adopt worker information:
Jeanna O’Connor 801-395-5973

Anna Whisler 435-213-6641

CPR Certification & Immunizations Tips

by John Thill, Area Representative, UFC Western Region*

I have heard from RFC’s and foster parents that relicensing is harder due to the vaccination and CPR training requirements recently added.   Let me help make this simple for you . . .

CPR Certification

JUST SO YOU KNOW ONLINE CERTIFICATION COURSES ARE ACCEPTABLE and you can take a totally free course at the following website:

If you use this site, please take the “basic fist aid” AND “Basic CPR” courses.  They are separate courses and you will need each one to get licensed.  Once you are done with your training and you download your certificates, send a copy to your licensor (OUR NEW FAMILIES ARE CHOOSING TO USE THIS SITE AND GETTING LICENSED WITHOUT DELAY).  Check it out; you will be glad you did.  If you don’t like this site, choose another and pay a small amount if that will make you feel better.

Proof of Immunizations Requirements

Each person living in the home will need to verify current immunizations.  The Office of Licensing (OL) requires the following vaccinations for adults: Tdap, MMR. Hep A, Hep B, and Varicella (if you have had chicken pox you will not need this one, just let your licensor know you have already had chicken pox).  If you cannot find the verification forms for all members (kids are easy, the adults tend to have a hard time finding them) or if you simply choose to not be vaccinated, don’t worry, you have options.

The options available to you and your family are as follows:

  1.  Your doctor can do a blood test to check for some of them but you may have to get others redone.  They can either check the box on the application form that says you are compliant OR they can submit a letter from your doctor’s office stating the same.
  2.  You could also choose to simply get all of the required vaccinations redone and then submit the current shot record or verification letter reflecting the re-administration of the required vaccinations as noted above.
  3. The final option is to not get re-vaccinated or provide proof of the vaccinations- however, doing so will limit you from taking un-immunized children AND babies under 2 months old until OL gets documentation.

CPR and Vaccinations are just that simpole . . . don’t believe me?  Contact your licensor today and let them tell you how easy this really is!

*This information originally appeared in the February & March 2017 Foster Roster and has been reprinted with permission.

Updated Cluster Contact Info-ALL Regions

Foster parents are often the best source of support for other foster parents.  If you haven’t already, get to know other foster, adoptive, and kinship families in your area by attending Cluster Meetings and Trainings organized by Utah Foster Care according to what region you live inTo learn more about cluster groups refer to your current Foster Roster in the mail or online.

Cluster Groups also have private Facebook groups which you may join by contacting a Utah Foster Care regional staff member in your area.

For your convenience, here is an updated list (as of July 2017) of Cluster Facilitator Contact Info for ALL Regions.


CACHE VALLEY CLUSTER-  Laura ( 435 ) 753 - 7232

BOX ELDER CLUSTER-  Holly ( 435 ) 851 - 2509

OGDEN CLUSTER – Amber ( 801 ) 814 - 5693   Millie ( 385 ) 405-9057

NORTH DAVIS CLUSTER-  Jenn ( 801 ) 633-4155

WEBER WEST CLUSTER-  Heather ( 801 ) 589-9839

SOUTH CENTRAL DAVIS CLUSTER- Maegen ( 801 ) 392-1114

LEVEL III CLUSTER-  Jill ( 435 ) 850-0028

SPANISH CLUSTER-  Gaby ( 801 ) 458-8121


KEARNS/MAGNA- Rachel B ( 801 ) 651-3098

SANDY/DRAPER CLUSTER-  Janet ( 801 ) 867 - 1552

SOUTH VALLEY WEST CLUSTER- Heather ( 801 ) 560-3238

WEST JORDAN CLUSTER- Ruthanne (801 ) 652-5500

MURRAY/MIDVALE/EAST CLUSTER- Tina ( 801 ) 994-5205


LEVEL 3 CLUSTER- Jessica ( 801 ) 831-2029

TOOELE CLUSTER-  Stephanie ( 801 ) 682-5925  Blair ( 801 ) 200-8150

SPANISH CLUSTER- Ruth ( 801 ) 568 - 6632


NORTH CLUSTER (Cities north of Lindon to the Utah County border South) –

Britta ( 801 ) 367-3329

CENTRAL CLUSTER ( Provo/Orem & Wasatch/Summit)-


SOUTH CLUSTER (Cities south of Provo including Millard/Juab)-





GRAND/SAN JUAN CLUSTER- Kaycee ( 435 ) 260 – 7372  Jackie ( 435 ) 678 – 3019 CARBON/EMERY CLUSTER-  Karen (435 ) 749 - 1012  Janarie ( 435 ) 820-6162


CEDAR CITY CLUSTER-­­­­ Diane ( 435 ) 656-8065

MANTI CLUSTER- Connie ( 435 ) 262-1347

RICHFIELD CLUSTER- Holly ( 801 ) 360-1967

ST GEORGE CLUSTER- KC ( 801 ) 592-2446